Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Day 17: 882 km to the sea: Mildura - Rest Day

Day 17: Tuesday 4/12

Mildura - Rest Day
River markers: 882 km from the sea.
Distance travelled today: 0 km. 
Total distance travelled: 830 km

A restful day: beginning with breakfast on a balcony with a real table and chair.
Great to see Ruth once again.

Time the title of this expedition was written on the boat.

And my name :).

Mildura's hot mediterranean climate is reflected in its choice of street trees.
Enjoying normal clothes and a day in town.

Catching up on history: the Chaffey Trail.

...and some of the more unusual stories.
Mildura - someone dropped £1,600 if gold, silver and bronze taken to Midura to open a new bank in the river. Oops.

Mildura: the saloon of the Ellen in 1890. Most journeys in comfort to the new irrigation properties of Mildura included at least one segment by Paddlesteamer.

Mildura: isolation and little income ment resourcefulness was necessity. Old ideas find new footings. This is a 'torkel', a wine press used by the farmers along Lake Constance on the Swiss-German border area of Hagnau. The originals were made of oak trees.

Mildura: first bank.

Mildura: Gol Gol Annual Picnic Sports, Boxing Day 1912. Creative water craft.

Mildura: how to get to the irrigation colonies in the 1880's.

Day 17: Mildura: more creative watercraft. A hand driven paddle boat.

Mildura: Ruth and I at Trentham Winery celebrating half way.

Mildura: Trentham Estate Winery. http://www.trenthamestate.com.au/
Locals: Apex bend caravan park, Mildura.

Lovely end to a restful day.

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